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The Fashion Forward & Edgy Rihanna

Photo credit: Dennis Leupold; Givenchy Haute Couture ensamble; Rih's earrings

EHB’s blog and celebrity L2L pictures of the month, hands down, goes to BadGal RiRi! There is no escaping catching a glimpse of this pop icon all over your television screen and over the radio waves nowadays. As we follow her fashion trends, rock star life style and relationships with this beau or that beau, Rihanna is simply amazing and trend setting all while doing it!  

There’s not much we can say that Rihanna is not doing these days. For one, she never disappoints us with her trend setting, edgy, wild child looks like this Givency ensamble for Harper's Bazaar May 2019 issue. Not to mention her many different hair colors, cuts and styles or sharp fingernail talons; her carefree attitude and shameless public displays of weed use and self expression. From her many fragrances to debuting her new beauty and clothing lines, Fenty/Savage X Fenty, which appeals to the masses ranging in a variety of color pallets to sexy and edgy laced lingerie and sleep wear from small to plus sizes, Rihanna has her hands in it all.

Rihanna (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Savage X Fenty)

This young superstar will clearly continue to be a staple in the fashion and beauty industry making a mark and trailblazing light years ahead of her tender age of 30 and we are stoked to see all the other ventures she has lined up in the future, including new music! Despite past ridicule and media backlash throughout her successful, forever blossoming pop star career, Rihanna has managed to stay on top of her game, radiantly doing so, and that is EXACTLY why EHB loves her!

Another celebrity flying under the radar at the time but doing BIG things is Keyshia Cole! Aside from her sultry music and sharp eye for fashion, she’s partnered with Steve Madden for a funky, hip and stylish shoe collection! Another EHB favorite L2L!!!

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of EHB’s L2L! Now don’t be afraid to mix it up; be bold; be daring; have fun and when you SEE IT, COP IT and then you ROCK IT!

Style the “E” in your Hearts!

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